On the second(2nd) day of Google, Tutorial Ninjas gave to me…
Hum, sounds rather malicious. Well, its less of that then you think, and I tell you right now all you need is your keyboard and some common sense. Oh.. I forgot, in addition to the common sense you need some minor knowledge of root files. Like password files, and other things of that nature. Ill supply you with alot of them so you can spend more time searching.

Now that we learned about “allintitle” on the first day of Google, on the second day we will narrow that down even more. Remove the all and we have “intitle:”. Apply this to the previously learned to returns many results with specific filenames and handlers.

Since there is already much explained on the first day, you don’t want repeats so ill provide you with examples.
Even if you didn’t read the first day of Google, it may still be easy to apply these terms to your own knowledge.

Examples of password files and log file search terms on Google:

  • “Index of /admin”
    • returns a result with the� index (root) of the “admin” folder in the title.
  • “Index of /password”
    • returns a result with the index (root) of the “password” folder in the title.
  • “Index of /” +passwd
    • returns a result with a folder containing passwd or named passwd. (useful!)
  • “Index of /” +.htaccess
    • returns a result with a folder named htaccess or containing the htaccess file. (useful!)

You can try many more search terms, you can even use them as an allinurl: or allintitle: search!

  • allintitle: “index of/admin”
    • returns a result of the admin folder in the title of the result.

Here are some of the alternative terms you can use to find other results:

Alternative Terms

The amount of other alternative search terms I could provide you are finite but too large that it would take me an additional hour to explain about them.

*This tutorial should be read and applied to ALL of the 7 days of Google. I will not repeat the useful search terms!*

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