On the first(1st) day of Google, Tutorial Ninjas gave to me…
Google is your friend. You can find anything on Google. To start off the first day of Google, we begin with Relative files! Although this is a bit similar to yesterdays tutorial, we have even more broad search terms to use, and we can find almost anything with the flexibility of these terms.

Lets say you want to specify a search relating to a file, files, a folder, or parts/items in a folder. How about finding extra pieces of a URL, or links that link to that website. What ever the search term is we got it in this tutorial for finding files related to your idea!

With the flexibility of Google, you can mix and match terms and parameters to get the result you are looking for! Keep this in mind!

If searching Google and trying to find relative downloads, files, folders, and more use these terms:

allintitle: Search term is in the title of the page / result.
allintext: Search term is in the text / description of the result.
allinurl: Search term is in the URL / web address of the result.
allinanchor: Search term returns links to the page of the result.

Now here are some quick examples to use these!

Feel free to experiment with all of these terms as they will come in handy when stuck in a the search struggle.

*This tutorial should be read and applied to ALL of the 7 days of Google. I will not repeat the useful search terms!*

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