Ok, slow download… 6 days remaining. Don’t you want a quicker source to download the file you want?! Ok, besides these free & pay-for file hosts like Rapidshare and Sendspace, you can find alternative download links to files with an optimized file search engine!

You may or may not have heard of this place but its called file mirrors. Yes, literal and logical name for such a thing. Were trying to find replicas of the same file on different source (hence mirror).


  1. Go to filemirrors.com
    • You can see some neat gadgets like the top 10 downloads of the day!
  2. In the top header in the right you will see a search box. In that box is a drop down with multiple selections. I always select contains because that returns the most broad results.
    • Select which ever drop down applys best for your search, like if you have an exact file name select “exact”.
  3. Simply type in the file you are searching for. For this example im going to search for a broad term “Linux” as contains.
    • Here are my results. link
    • Take note you CAN search for direct file names. Simple example like “BF2142Demo.exe” (not actual term), you may search for and find mirrors of that file.
  4. Now that we have results, we can right click them and “Save Target As…” or just left click them and� a download box may prompt us.

Happy file searching!

*Starting tomorrow are the 7 days of Google! (as opposed to 12 days of Christmas).*
+ We will post the most useful 7 terms you can search and find on Google +
+ Every day is a new surprise on the 7 days of Google! Leading up to December 25th +

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